Andrew Douglas
Bagpipe Music

"In a short period of time, bagpipe lessons with Andrew Douglas have made a clear improvement in my playing. His close attention to detail and honest approach to sharing knowledge, clearly takes the music to another level."  - Shawn Fagan, Grade 3 piper, Rhode Island

Andrew is a devoted teacher of the bagpipes. He offers great learning opportunities both locally (the New York Capital Region) and world-wide!

Locally, Andrew can be found teaching bagpipe lessons, lectures, and seminars four nights a week at the Piper's DoJo, a community oriented program to improve bagpiping skills and knowledge. It's centralized location in New York's Capital Region (Albany, Schenectady, Troy) makes it very convenient for local players to get a great piping education. Students of all ages and stages are welcome!


[above - Andrew has a tune on the cliffs at Borreraig, Scotland. Borreraig, on the Isle of Skye, is the home of the legendary MacCrimmon school of piping, in exsitence for several centuries - circa 1500-1800 A.D]

World-wide, Andrew uses technology to reach his students. Many talented pipers are simply too far away from an instructor that can really help them improve. Now, using technology, you can work with Andrew regularly, affordably, and from the comfort of your own home!

SKYPE LESSONS - Skype is a FREE computer program that utilizes a web-cam and a microphone to allow people to interact. Skype bagpipe lessons are almost like really being there in the same room. But, now you will be able to connect with Andrew from anywhere with a decent internet connection!

Click here to Download Skype [FREE!]

PHONE LESSONS - The phone is also a great tool for bagpipe lessons. Set up a time to meet over the phone. Andrew will actually use Skype to call your home phone - that means no big phone bill for you!

TAPE/VIDEO CORRESPONDENCE LESSONS - This is a great option for anyone with a busy schedule. Simply record your tunes, and send them to Andrew. Andrew will then record his feedback, and send it right back! 

To record: Use a cassette tape, CD, or mp3 - whatever works best for you!

To send: Use snail-mail, email, post it to your website -- whatever works best for you!


All of these methods are proven to be very effective. Here are what some of Andrew's students are saying:

"The Skype lessons with Andrew work just as well as in person.  I don't have to leave the house. With limited time, married with two children and a business to run, the Skype format lessons make it easier to focus and learn". - Grade 3 piper.

Contact Andrew Today
to set up a lesson, and to discuss pricing for lessons.



Who is Andrew??

Andrew Douglas is a professional bagpiper located in the Capitol District (Albany, Schenectady, Troy Region)of New York State.

Focused on building the bagpipe-music community both locally and abroad, Andrew is world-renowned for his abilities as a performer, teacher and composer.


(518) 452-4988


Please use the links below to learn more about Andrew:

Click here to view a complete list of Andrew's CREDENTIALS!!!
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